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The Gateway of Nottingham

Public houses throughout England are endangered. Many of them are closing down as a result of the pandemic and the cultural changes that are happening throughout the country.
Many of the new cultures that are adapting to life in England do not enjoy going to pubs and the atmosphere those places provide, opting to rather stay at home or go to a cafe to meet up than enter a public house filled with intoxicated people. As a result of this phenomenon many public houses are closing down adding to the crisis of cultural identity, as public houses are a vital part of English culture, but also are often situated in beautiful and historic pieces of architecture. Losing these pubs is devastating as often the buildings will be completely changed or even demolished as they become derelict.
The public house I will be focusing on within this project is the Fellows Morton and Clayton public house by the canal in Nottingham. It is a pub with rich history which was often visited by many people including myself. However, it has recently closed down due to the before mentioned issues. I wish to reanimate the public house through the use of its history, to bring back the past in order to help the present and shape the future. With its past being rooted in the transport industry I will create transport routes throughout the canals of Nottingham bringing business back not only to my chosen public house but many other building along the canal. I wish to achieve this by reusing the back portion of the public house ,as to not completely change its function, and change it into a multicultural tea house, which will encourage people of many different cultural backgrounds to use the building, reanimating in back to life.
I have chosen tea for this task as it is the drink of many, being the most drank liquid in the whole world, many cultures drink it often in many different ways. To be able to accommodate them properly I am designing a space that will adapt to the individual and provide the setting suitable for the tea ceremony chosen.

Alan Lorenz
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Alan Lorenz
MArch Architecture

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The Master of Architecture (MArch) embraces the challenge of 21st Century architectural practice and focuses on educating architects with a global outlook through projects set in local, national, and international contexts.

Through “vertical studios” in each year of study, steered by leading practitioners and academics, we put current architectural thinking at the heart of the course. We locate architectural design centrally as an academic discipline through rigorous cross-disciplinary design research and complex methodological application. The course recognises the essential cross-cutting and cross-disciplinary nature of architecture, bringing together diverse disciplines aiming to create collaborative/group work as a means of developing design creativity within the realistic teamwork environment of practice. All projects will be developed considering sustainability, environmental, socio-economic and cultural aspects, rather than being studied and applied as discrete areas of teaching and learning.

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