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Courting Courage

A pub built in 1832 on High Pavement Street and standing proudly in front of the National Justice Museum is a historic gem in the middle of our city. This building has seen the passage of time, the change of society, and the start of a lot of stories. Today, we start a new part of its long history by announcing a big project called “Courting Courage.”

Courting Courage is based on the idea of “Dutch courage,” which says that drinking alcohol makes people more confident and less afraid. Its goal is to give those who enter its walls more power. But we don’t just focus on drinks. Instead, we want to create a strong and meaningful link between the bar, hotel and courthouse, bringing together history, justice and a safe place.

The National Justice Museum is a sign of justice and fairness. Courting Courage will honour this noble goal by giving witnesses who show up to court hearings a safe place to stay. We believe that the bravery of these people makes a big difference in the search for justice, so protecting their privacy and safety is very important.

To reach this goal, we will build our business with the utmost care and attention to detail. Witnesses will be able to go from their rooms to the courtroom without being seen and in safety thanks to hidden corridors and well-thought-out circulation. Technical decorations will add to the feeling of privacy and show respect for the building’s long history.

Courting Courage will also be a place where locals and visitors can come together to celebrate victories, talk about ideas, and make connections that will last. The bar will have a friendly atmosphere and a varied menu that honours local tastes and serves people with different tastes.

In the end, Courting Courage is a mix of the past and the present, a marriage of history and new ideas, and a tribute to the strength of those who fight for justice. We are always committed to making a safe place for witnesses, and we have a firm belief in the power of community. With the strength of our beliefs and the courage to stand up for what is right, we can build a better future together.

Sothanato Chan
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Sothanato Chan
MArch Architecture

MArch Architecture

The Master of Architecture (MArch) embraces the challenge of 21st Century architectural practice and focuses on educating architects with a global outlook through projects set in local, national, and international contexts.

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