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Shoeburyness Clinical Simulation Training Centre

Welcome to the Shoeburyness Clinical Simulation Training Centre, an innovative and cutting-edge facility designed to revolutionize nurse training. This project aims to create a comprehensive and high-tech learning environment that simulates real-life clinical settings and procedures, providing students and professionals with an immersive and realistic training experience.

The client brief focuses on creating an innovative clinical simulation facility that replicates practical environments, ensuring students and professionals gain hands-on experience. The Shoeburyness Clinical Simulation Training Centre features mock hospital wards, home environments, and mental health consultation and counselling rooms. These spaces will allow trainees to navigate through a variety of scenarios, enhancing their skills and knowledge.

The Shoeburyness Clinical Simulation Training Centre will play a crucial role in addressing the need for qualified healthcare professionals in the region. By offering critical training required to qualify and join the NHS, this contemporary development will enhance the existing healthcare amenities in Shoeburyness.

Alfie Hill
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Alfie Hill
Architectural Technology
Ground Floor Department Zoning Plan

Ground Floor Department Zoning Plan

The Site -

The proposed site for the Clinical Simulation Training Centre in Shoeburyness, Essex, presents an ideal location for conducting research on sustainable flood mitigation strategies. The site, which was previously the Shoeburyness Garrison, has been converted into a mix of residential and commercial properties. It is a greenfield site, meaning that it has never been developed or built on, and has remained as undeveloped land. The urgency of addressing flood risks in the area is emphasized by the increasing threat of river and surface flooding, as highlighted in the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2022. With changing weather patterns and ongoing urbanization, it becomes imperative to develop effective flood mitigation measures that can sustainably manage excess surface water run-off. The research project aims to develop a sustainable flood mitigation strategy specifically tailored for the greenfield site in Shoeburyness. The chosen methodology employs a mixed-methods approach, including a literature review, case studies, and the utilization of the UK SuDS Website for surface run-off rates and storage estimations. This approach allows for a comprehensive understanding of the various sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) components and their effectiveness in mitigating flood risks. Key findings from the research project indicate that permeable paving, green roofs, and bioretention devices are successful in reducing peak flows and mitigating surface water flooding risks. The proposed implementation of SuDS on the greenfield site demonstrates that it surpasses the estimated storage volumes, showcasing the effectiveness of sustainable drainage solutions. These findings not only contribute to the development of sustainable flood mitigation solutions but also provide practical guidance for incorporating SuDS in future development projects. While the research project is conducted on a specific greenfield site in Shoeburyness, its findings have broader implications for managing flood risks in urban areas. By highlighting the importance of optimized permeable paving, green roofs, and bioretention devices, the research contributes to the overall goal of reducing the impact of flooding on communities, buildings, and ecosystems.

Architectural Technology

The BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology course is a professionally-focused gateway to a career in to the architectural industry. Students explore how buildings are created, procured, constructed, and managed, and develop a practical and imaginative approach to design through a project-based learning experience.

As specialists in Architectural Technology, our graduates are the link between concept and reality; learning to identify, assess and challenge client and user requirements, translating ideas and possibilities into effective, practical, and sustainable building solutions.

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