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Midlands Neurology and Dementia Research Facility

The proposal creates UK DRIs first regional centre in the East Midlands with existing centres being situated in Cambridge, London, Cardiff and Edinburgh. The centre focuses on neurology and dementia research. Building on Nottingham’s existing innovation facilities by creating laboratories that focus on individual cell research and specialist workspaces to aid the development of technology that can help slow down the offset of the disease. The facility provides educational spaces for students studying at the University of Nottingham and nearby colleges with opportunities to undertake work placements in the centre.

Cameron Cassidy-Allan
Student name
Cameron Cassidy-Allan
Architectural Technology
Lecture Theatre

Lecture Theatre

Architectural Technology

The BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology course is a professionally-focused gateway to a career in to the architectural industry. Students explore how buildings are created, procured, constructed, and managed, and develop a practical and imaginative approach to design through a project-based learning experience.

As specialists in Architectural Technology, our graduates are the link between concept and reality; learning to identify, assess and challenge client and user requirements, translating ideas and possibilities into effective, practical, and sustainable building solutions.

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