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SWAN School, Nottingham

SWAN School is a special education school in Nottingham for children aged 3 - 11 years old with hearing impairment, visual impairment and multi-sensory impairment. SWAN School aims to provide state of the art education to children with sensory impairment with facilities such as expertly designed sensory rooms, therapy rooms and large outdoor play areas. The site also houses an interactive sensory art gallery, the SWAN Gallery, that educates the community on the issues faced by people with sensory impairment. The scheme achieves BREEAM Excellent.

Morgan Brooke Cole-Shaw
Student name
Morgan Brooke Cole-Shaw
Architectural Technology
Calming Sensory Room

Calming Sensory Room

SWAN School and SWAN Gallery

The number of students diagnosed with special educational needs (SEN) in England has increased to just under 1.5 million in 2022 from 77,000 in 2021. There are currently only 11 SEN Schools in Nottingham compared to 78 State Primary Schools. According to Mencap most children with SEN go to mainstream schools, with less than 10% attending special schools in the UK. In England, just 9.3% of students with SEN go to special schools. In Northern Ireland - 9.8%, Wales - 5.3% and Scotland - 6.8%. The site is within a diverse area and has a rich cultural history. It is located between the city centre and the neighbouring districts of St Ann’s and Sneinton.

Architectural Technology

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