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The New Hope Centre

The New Hope Centre is a Mental Health Hospital and Research Centre which strive to o er state-of-the-heart healthcare and facilities to the local community.

The facility is not only there to serve those with pre-existing conditions but is a space for people to learn what mental health is and how to stay healthy and manage your mental health.

The aim of the development is to take care of patients suffering from mental health illnesses such as depression and anxiety & a space for research for new therapies with links with the University of Salford and charities like MIND and CALM.

Student name
Maanav Hridhay Bhudia
Architectural Technology
Internal Atrium

Internal Atrium

Architectural Technology

The BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology course is a professionally-focused gateway to a career in to the architectural industry. Students explore how buildings are created, procured, constructed, and managed, and develop a practical and imaginative approach to design through a project-based learning experience.

As specialists in Architectural Technology, our graduates are the link between concept and reality; learning to identify, assess and challenge client and user requirements, translating ideas and possibilities into effective, practical, and sustainable building solutions.

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