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Vantage Point

Vantage Point is the home of a new and unique event management and DJ Academy. The school focuses on the creative spirit within the underground music scene. This steadily increasing culture and provides a contemporary view on art, politics, and adaptive re-use. The Covid-19 pandemic hit this community hard because it took away the freedom and creative spirit which this culture thrives on however, we adapted to the change and this community now couldn’t be stronger. We learned it wasn’t about place, wealth, or social status. It was about bringing people together to enjoy the love of the music, the art, the fashion. It quickly adapted and started to re-use spaces and materials to make new venues, clothes, art, and music to express our creativity. Vantage Point provides a space for young people to express themselves through their passion for underground music.

The school itself teaches DJ/Music Production, Fine Art and Graphic Design, Light Engineering, and Event Management. With a strong Eco-friendly attitude, the programme specialises in the re-use of large spaces such as warehouses for music events or art exhibitions, as well as recycling old materials to create new art and fashion. The building itself is re-used and provides a perfect example to students on how we can re-use a forgotten space. All the courses are level 4 undergraduate courses, and they all provide an opportunity to collaborate with each other.

The site sits in this juxtaposition between the Nottingham Castle and the new Broadmarsh development by Heatherwick Studios. The castle has lots of historic importance and a rich background, and the new Broadmarsh development is contemporary by design. This is a great location for the school because it sits between the old and new, and this is what the school represents. It provides a transition from the old to the new and it gives students the opportunity to look to the past and to the future.

We are a disposable nation and this needs to change. The design provides a contemporary take on sustainability and how we can re-use buildings. With the pre-existing building being re-purposed it has already lowered the carbon emissions on this building, and with passive and sustainable technologies energy consumption is minimal.

Vantage Point breathes new life into an unused space while fostering creativity and community. By repurposing a space that was once used for a different purpose, such as a school, warehouse or factory, musicians and music enthusiasts can come together to create a unique and vibrant atmosphere that supports the local underground music scene. Overall, this design has transformed a neglected space into a hub of artistic and cultural expression within Nottingham.

Lewis Sykes
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Lewis Sykes
BArch Architecture

BArch Architecture

The BArch (Hons) in Architecture course is focused on the creative and practical development of architectural design, investigated in a studio environment through a series of carefully considered practical and theoretical projects in a variety of spatial, social, cultural and topographical situations.

The purpose of the course is to align architectural concepts, thinking, techniques and values with current architectural thought and practice. It involves strategic thinking and creative imagination; problem-solving and research tasks; attention to detail and tectonic resolution; traditional and digital forms of representation; and public presentations and reviews. This course addresses the challenges of designing for diverse communities and cultures and develops Part 1 graduates with creative vision, practical skills and an ethical position in respect of the role of the architect in a globalised world.

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