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Kentigern House

In a not-so distant future, Scotland has decided to secede from the United Kingdom and refocus on the needs of their citizens. In doing so, they have decided to abolish the monarchy and replace it with a representational democracy with both a parliament and a senate.

Serving as the foil to the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, Kentigern House is a former Ministry of Defense building in Glasgow which has been adaptively reused to house the new Scottish Senate.

This building provides the setting for the new Scottish Senate as they are elected or appointed, while also aiming to open up what is usually the very internal and secretive affairs of the government to the people of Scotland and the local Glasgow community by taking out a portion of the southern façade and opening up the senate to look towards a marketplace and the River Clyde.

As the public enters the building through the large new square on the south side of the building, they will come up a modern staircase of local Glasgow sandstone. In front of them will be the public access to the Scottish Senate Debating Chamber which can also serve a double purpose for holding cultural events in the city such as musical and other performances. In front of of the square is a security entrance leading to both the debating chamber and the courtyard refectory which is sunken down into a pit which helps to bring in light to the lower levels and the library. This side of the security line is more often arrived at through the eastern entrance to the building by federal and civic employees along with the senators. The eastern entrance to Kentigern House opens up into an A-frame atrium with large windows on the western side which overlook the ceremonial entrance to the Senate Debating Chamber through the winter garden and pond.
The winter garden and pond, courtyard café, entry plaza and debating chamber are all surrounded by the original 1980s era brutalist MOD building with a contemporary ETFE roof held up by multiple tree-like columns which serve the multiple functions of structure, ventilation, rainwater collection, symbolism and aesthetics.
The exterior ring of the building also houses the various offices and committee rooms for the Senators and their staff.

To the south side of the site, atop what was formerly an empty brownfield plot, is now a covered market where the people of Glasgow can come to shop and eat during their day working in the city centre. This site connects Kentigern House to the River Clyde, providing a view of the river which helped to expand Glasgow into what it is today.

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