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The Library of Northampton

This building will be a new modern library located in Northampton Town Centre. The library will contain multiple areas and facilities for book resources, reading areas, and study areas. This building will be accompanied by a café and conference rooms. The conference rooms have the option to be used by anyone but are in place mainly for business users, as this building will also contribute to Northampton's Economic Growth Plan for 2025. This will contribute in many ways as this plan aims to increase business start-ups and survival and to become and 21st-century town. This new library will be an exciting addition to the town and bring a contemporary look to the surrounding area. By creating this building, there is an aim to bring the community together and create a usable and safe space for everyone to use, whether it be for studying, socialising or business use.

Jamie Collingwood
Student name
Jamie Collingwood
Architectural Technology

Architectural Technology

The BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology course is a professionally-focused gateway to a career in to the architectural industry. Students explore how buildings are created, procured, constructed, and managed, and develop a practical and imaginative approach to design through a project-based learning experience.

As specialists in Architectural Technology, our graduates are the link between concept and reality; learning to identify, assess and challenge client and user requirements, translating ideas and possibilities into effective, practical, and sustainable building solutions.

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