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Nottingham Cycle Centre

Located at the interchange created by Meadow Lane Lock, Nottingham Cycle Centre is a new hub for local people and the city. Situated in a place, that connects the city and its suburbs, this new civic architecture project aims to create the facilities to encourage locals to bike throughout the city.

Whether this is through creating a place to meet and learn with family and friends, facilities to buy parts and get repairs performed, or a place to learn how to complete maintenance on your own bike, this new facility offers the infrastructure to enable the entire city to learn everything they need too in order to engage with cycling, at a highly accessible and currently underutilised location

Jay Earnshaw
Student name
Jay Earnshaw
BArch Architecture

A Place For Connection

Nottingham cycle hub aims to create a new chord of connection for the wider city. By looking at the exploitable areas within the current site, an opportunity arises to create a new “chord of connection”, with the aim of improving the link that exists at the meadow lane lock. This new connection should aim to be a fluid construct that represents the ideas related too movement and the act of cycling within its design, whilst also looking at how the water can be exploited and represented, being such a key and core component of this site. This idea of connection should also explore how separate spaces with different purposes are interconnected and linked, with the idea of the spaces being connected being explored, despite different spaces creating unique atmospheres. These atmospheres should aim to cater to a different purposes, balancing education and recreational and public and private spaces, with the hierarchy of spaces being explored through a visual architectural device. Through the development of this project I chose to explore this idea through using a large non structural timber chord. This chord aims to be a visual link between the water and the new connection that is created to the city.

BArch Architecture

The BArch (Hons) in Architecture course is focused on the creative and practical development of architectural design, investigated in a studio environment through a series of carefully considered practical and theoretical projects in a variety of spatial, social, cultural and topographical situations.

The purpose of the course is to align architectural concepts, thinking, techniques and values with current architectural thought and practice. It involves strategic thinking and creative imagination; problem-solving and research tasks; attention to detail and tectonic resolution; traditional and digital forms of representation; and public presentations and reviews. This course addresses the challenges of designing for diverse communities and cultures and develops Part 1 graduates with creative vision, practical skills and an ethical position in respect of the role of the architect in a globalised world.

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