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Hydro Faction

The Hydro Faction is the name given to the Scavenger camp established by outlaws attempting to neutralise the government’s actions towards the recycling process of relics. By scavenging and restoring these artefacts, they are saved from being erased from history.

After a communications device had been found in the possession of a potential recycler near some falls, Lumsdale ruins became a library, repair shop and outpost for outlaw scavengers. Further investigations into the communications device led to suspicions that this device controls water levels and tidal patterns in the area through undetected radio signals. Subsequently, security measures were taken to ensure a safe environment for further investigations to take place.

We believe that this relic requires us to utilise the nearby stream to its full potential, producing hydrogen through electrolysis to mix with natural gasses to make fertilisers for our food production.

Alexander J. Bedlow
Student name
Alexander J. Bedlow
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Interior Architecture and Design at NTU has an incredibly long and rich history; with Interior Decoration taught at the first ever UK Art school, in the Waverley building during the 1950s.

Over the last 70 years, our programme has grown and adapted to meet the requirements of industry and social change, respond to trends, and deliver a degree which encourages students to look, think, critically appraise, and understand local and world issues amongst the principles of design.

We are a validated degree programme in which our students can join the Chartered Society of Designers, and we are members of the Interior Educators network. Our dedicated design studio in the Grade II* listed Arkwright building enables a studio culture which reflects professional practice, in a dynamic environment that challenges everyone to work collaboratively, share experiences and experiment with ideas.

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