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Dome of the Castle Rock

This design thesis project explores the circular typology of a debating chamber designed contrary to the House of Commons. It explores light as a tool to create a well-lit hall using a central skylight opening and ribbon windows running across the circumference of the hall. The site chosen for the proposal is Nottingham Castle, which has significant civic and historic value and is within the vicinity of the Broadmarsh Area transformation. The design strives for simplicity in its form, with setbacks that provide lighting that guides the members of the chamber to the exit and, on the upper viewing gallery, highlights the members of the public.

Suleiman Barau
Student name
Suleiman Barau
MArch Architecture

MArch Architecture

The Master of Architecture (MArch) embraces the challenge of 21st Century architectural practice and focuses on educating architects with a global outlook through projects set in local, national, and international contexts.

Through “vertical studios” in each year of study, steered by leading practitioners and academics, we put current architectural thinking at the heart of the course. We locate architectural design centrally as an academic discipline through rigorous cross-disciplinary design research and complex methodological application. The course recognises the essential cross-cutting and cross-disciplinary nature of architecture, bringing together diverse disciplines aiming to create collaborative/group work as a means of developing design creativity within the realistic teamwork environment of practice. All projects will be developed considering sustainability, environmental, socio-economic and cultural aspects, rather than being studied and applied as discrete areas of teaching and learning.

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